Phase 2 (BU Data Nov 2015-May 2016) Audio Tapes & Photo Data


BU Tapes via SoundCloud (all) connected with ‘Framing Employability’ Project.

ExMed Mix/ Edited Version (Nov 15-April 16) Tapes (permissions granted):

Author Note: All other audio data will be uploaded when fully anonymised and will be stored privately.


“Guess Who?” Talking Transferable Skills Event 25.05.16

MED2 students created ‘scenarios’ (a pre-planned activity designed to enhance participant  articulation and make explicit application of transferable skills accrued throughout the project).

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I then provided pizza as part of our agreement. This proved more important than you might expect.


Mixed Methods: Summary of different methods applied.

Data map

Audio Tape Timeline Photo


Post-Event Participant Feedback (transcribed from pink sticky notes above and used to triangulate participant audio reflections on data to conclude the research process).

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