X (ARCHIVE) Random purges (Oct 2015-Oct 2017)

I plan to allocate and create specific space(s) throughout my research journey to punctuate/ mirror each critical stage in the process between now and the end of the planned study. For example, when my research participants are reviewing application of transferable skills and they themselves reflecting on meaning attributed to each term or word, I will follow this process up with undertaking a free writing exercise.

I need to thank Debbie Holley, who I met as part of a writing group exercise with us (Cohort 1) at the BU residential in October 2015. Participating in the exercise inspired me to incorporate such an approach in my work, which in turn will now become embedded as part of my methodology, a legitimate unstructured voice.

The free writing exercises will allow unstructured and spontaneous researcher reflections to take place. In doing so, I hope to enhance the potential for reflexive practice in relation to both my research problematic as well as (equally pertinent) my own newly emerging professional identity as a researcher.

As I battle and negotiate understanding through the constraints of the doctoral journey framework, the free writing exercises will allow me a much needed autonomous place to breathe outside of those traditional parameters and consequently contribute to my own understanding by the concerted action of facilitating and encouraging my own internal struggles to be set free. I believe it will enhance a deeper sense of understanding and well-being, even if it doesn’t make the thesis. It represents a degree of freedom and democracy and that has to be enough for now.

Free Writing – The Beginning 08.09.15

Freewriting 1aFreewriting 1b

Free Writing Exercise 1: Why do I enjoy writing?

(5 minutes/ Transcription: 08.10.15)

 I enjoy the isolation.

I enjoy the sense of connectivity that resonates between my thoughts and my pen.

I often streamline and simplify. My first draft is usually a tad chaotic and spurious but then re-reading my initial thoughts then allows me to modify myself, my brain and re-presents those initial spurious words into something that someone else, the reader will be able to comprehend and hopefully more importantly connect to.

The isolation of the pen and mind are really just about reaching out to others. In the process, I have resolved a sense of self, which is always good. Writing is liberating writing makes me count somehow, it gives me a value and purpose in life.

It is my signature, me. It means I exist.

Mental focus and discipline is key, resilience is the new black.


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