Working Titles… (Oct 2013-present)

Here I will chronologically document a series of progressive or digressive (depending upon how you see it) of of all my beta project titles since I began this doctorate. I think the titles themselves as works in progress tell a story. I will update as I go…

YR1/ Term 1 Title: Case Study: Beyond Surveillance, Tracing ‘Learning’ in the Media Department at Mid-Cheshire College 2014. (Dated 07.03.14)

YR1/Term 2 Title: A Self-Study On Media Pedagogy: Beyond Surveillance, Tracing and Reconstructing Re-Imagined ‘Portraits of Learning’ in the Media Department at MCC (2014-16) for Purposes of Re-Engagement and Professional Self-Understanding. (Dated 25.05.14)

YR1/Term 3 Title: Emma Through the Looking-Glass[1]: Reimagining Assessment for Learning Media Practice(s) at Mid-Cheshire College 2014-2016 for Purposes of Professional Self-Understanding. (Dated 03.09.14)

[1] Revised project title is adapted from Lewis Carroll’s (2011) ‘Through The Looking-Glass.’

YR2/Term 1 Title: Pilot Study Question: What Were Media Students’ Expectations of the BTEC Extended Diploma in Media Production (TV & Film) Course Pre-Enrolment? (Dated 12.10.14)

…So I decided to have a minor question feed into a bigger one to help me grapple with the subject matter and to sharpen a sense of focus at the pilot stage…

YR2/Term 2 ‘Phase One’ Title: Pilot Study Question (revised 21 Jan 2015): In relation to your experiences so far on the Ext. Diploma in Media Production (TV and Film), what is your understanding of the term ‘transferable skills? (Dated 21.01.15)

YR2/Term 2 ‘Phase Two’ Title:  Beyond ‘Subject Media’: An Exploration of Transferable Skills as Codified Raw Ingredients for Labour Market Demands. (Dated 21.01.15)

Post-Transfer (17.09.15):

Co-Writing ‘Subject Media’ Through an Employability Lens: Are Non-Subject Specific Transferable Skills As Important as the Subject Itself? (Dated 01.10.15)

Project Title: Co-Writing ‘Subject Media’ Whilst Framing Employability.

Researcher Question: Are Non-Subject Specific Transferable Skills As Important as the Subject Itself? (Dated 09.10.15)


Framing Employability: Co-Writing ‘Subject Media’ with Students’ (Dated 18.03.17)


Ethnography in action: PAR methodology (assuming a critical constructivist approach merging into post-postructural outcomes (through unique graduated student articulations)

Project title: Co-framing employability: mapping transferable skills with media students (mobilising articulations through practice). (18 May 2018)




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