Less is more (29.03.16).

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 14.30.56

Reducing the list, ‘the list is too long’ they (my participants) tell me. Acting on feedback during cycle 1 (review tool), MED2 participants felt that the list needed to be shorter if they were to update/ use it on a regular basis, hence the above screen grab of the paper-based tracker they are using at present.

My ex-media student narratives begin to unfold and inform my path. Scenarios they tell me. They give me an idea, a way to help assess the value and validity of my project. A mock interview to prise out participant articulation of skills. A constructed reality no doubt but preparation for what is to come. That frightening door towards  the world of (un) employability and the confidence to take that next step in their lives.

My role: grappling with past narratives and reflections to inform the present project and perhaps even impact positively on the future of some of the participants. It’s interesting to hear what students would change about what I/ we did…  I can see their point(s), not one single suggestion is unreasonable. I can see what they mean. Thankfully they haven’t said me yet but maybe they are just being nice or even worse take pity on their struggling ex-media teacher stressing about her next step.

Needless to say this is a particularly interesting and perhaps more useful way of looking in the mirror, after all when we die, it doesn’t really matter what we thought of ourselves but how other people remember us, perhaps this is where truth lies, anything else could be viewed a self-deception.

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