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I am a student researcher at Bournemouth University.

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Long sentences: I have since readdressed one specific sentence highlighted as an example and killed it but allowed the content to live out in several paragraphs instead.

Contradiction: Straight to the point versus language hyperbole – still working on the middle ground. Very true.

Creation of a visual representation (that can perhaps clarify outcomes of methods as determined by actions) as a timeline of events.

Insufficient referencing to the research question (it is an identified problematic not a question – requires clarification). Historical, political, contextual sensitivity required, this is not a ‘social problem’ but a process of negotiation towards participant empowerment (rhizomatic action research).


All makes sense to me.

Feels like clearing out an old set of draws, preparing a case. It is really becoming a process of streamlining and clarifying events – that can seem more complicated with distance.

Tip: What I did…

Last night I had a dream that everyone said it was crap, happy to wake up. It is a mental process, it is mental.

The more I think about the data, confidence and self-belief become consistent strands, maybe I was hoping to draw on this too? It is a mental process, it is mental.

Through The Looking Glass Pane And What Emma Found

Looking through the glass pane at the pissing down rain.

Been walking through the heath to relax my brain.

All this when my kids are in Spain.

A necessary sacrifice, a personal choice,

the goal of entitlement to celebrate voice.


‘Pray for all the women out there,’ we say every night.

For God knows, it is going to be an eventful fight.

I hope they remember to say it before they turn out the night-light.


Face cold and damp,

Apple blossom and leaves line the roads –

The wonderful stench of suburban living.


No chocolate eggs this Easter.

But real shells caught in the drain, only fair.

Leftover from the egg and bean lunch,

No time for food prep.

Don’t seem to care.

Now dusk and pondering a glass of red wine or something soft instead?

Still sitting at my desk, enough said.


Excuses, deviations, my eyes do hurt.

Summaries awaiting attention one thing is for cert (mate).


Thinking when walking in the pissing down rain,

analyses help my sense of composure and refrain.

From self-perpetuated, self-inflicted negative waves,

as emotions lie guarded in their caves.

What’s it all for? Bemoans the menacing doubt.

Get back under the table you messed up lout.

Reframing The Frame: A Co-Production

Having deleted the auto from autoethnography, I can now move forward as a post-structural ethnographer assuming a participatory (or rhizomatic!?) action research approach (with my students). I consider myself officially reframed. For the record my blog now constitutes a reflexive platform, someone to walk with.

Reframing me

Key lesson for today: When anonymising keep to the same participant ID. When working (over a sustained period of time) with participants ensure that labelling of artefacts remain consistent. Had to spend (waste) a considerable amount of time (my fault) making sure that the pilot identification of data is consistent with main body research.

Back to NVIVO…