Skype 26.4.17 J&I

Long sentences: I have since readdressed one specific sentence highlighted as an example and killed it but allowed the content to live out in several paragraphs instead.

Contradiction: Straight to the point versus language hyperbole – still working on the middle ground. Very true.

Creation of a visual representation (that can perhaps clarify outcomes of methods as determined by actions) as a timeline of events.

Insufficient referencing to the research question (it is an identified problematic not a question – requires clarification). Historical, political, contextual sensitivity required, this is not a ‘social problem’ but a process of negotiation towards participant empowerment (rhizomatic action research).


All makes sense to me.

Feels like clearing out an old set of draws, preparing a case. It is really becoming a process of streamlining and clarifying events – that can seem more complicated with distance.

Tip: What I did…

Last night I had a dream that everyone said it was crap, happy to wake up. It is a mental process, it is mental.

The more I think about the data, confidence and self-belief become consistent strands, maybe I was hoping to draw on this too? It is a mental process, it is mental.

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