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Memories and Fragments of a Professional Doctorate (Creative and Media)

‘An Autoethnographer’s Tale’ will walk beside me here on my doctorate journey, it will hopefully become a neutral friend, an ear that never tires. As the title indicates, although partial, this is my tale, my truth.  At times I will explain items posted (be they random thoughts, photos, music…) others maybe not but all posts will be connected in some way to my research and the people I meet along the way. ‘An Autoethnographer’s Tale’ represents my attempt at bridging together the different narratives at play during my research including what I call the there C’s (namely the conflicts, contradictions and confessions) whilst I juggle my research endeavours, academic writing, student life and motherhood. I began this journey back in October 2013 so I am currently approaching the midpoint of year 2 (of a 4 year programme) on the taught ProfDoc at Bournemouth University. It has taken this time for me to feel ready to write and reflect in this way.