23.06.15 Transfer Report Map for BU – Done and uploaded onto forum.

The slightly chaotic tones expressed in this very simple but manic children’s song relates to how my mind has been recently, swirling in very direction except the one that commanded assertion and decision – the need to produce my transfer report map ready for my tutorial later in the week! Got there in the end.

Recently,  I have been busy writing/ finalising my new chapter for (forthcoming Autumn 2015) ‘Making Text’ book/ digital project which I am very excited about. Sent final version through to my editor yesterday. Just need to devise the digital companion to accompany it now over summer.

Doing a Doctorate obviously involves focus and discipline but even the publishing opportunities it brings usually equate to just doing more work!

The actual final Transfer Report is due 13th July so head down between now and then to get that to a stage I am happy with and submitted on time.

Viva: 17th September 2015.

Better get back to it.

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