5th April 2016 Audio Tapes – Transcription Update


The Nitty Gritty Of The Data So Far, Some Housekeeping

(2 X) Other short interviews (Employability Co-ordinator and Media Educationalist) transcribed. TICK.

(4 X) Ex-media student interviews transcribed. TICK.

(1 X) Cycle 1: Focus group with MED2 discussion transcribed. TICK.

I am thinking it would be nice to extract key quotes (in chronological order) from the audio tapes collection to make explicit how the conversations have rolled forward and informed the research path so far. I need to action next when I have time and whilst I am on top of transcribing… One thing is for sure is that there is more to come next term as the focus groups continue, as well as capturing individual participant data.

I still need to track down a further 2 Ex-media students who are willing to participate as I am aiming for 6 Ex-student testimonies in total to give a better spread of perspectives regarding their employability experiences post-course.

PAR/ Autoethnography – A Marriage Made in Heaven Or Divorce Waiting to Happen?

I have submitted a piece for consideration to the ‘Troubling Research’ event. Think it might be a good opportunity and relevant platform to test my struggle of aligning participatory action research with autoethnography (a potential sticking point – as brought up in my viva last September). I guess I am seeking support/ validation from other researchers to help me defend my position at a later date. I still hold the view the two make sense when merged or running parallel at the very least. A much stronger and resilient framework than operating in silos.

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