5th April 2016 Planning My Audio Tape Timeline

PHOTO OverviewPHOTO Zoom version

The numbers (brown) represent the chronological order that audio tapes (primary contact with various participants) have been recorded. Timeline provides basic overview of key issues extracted from interviews (black) that are serving to drive the direction of the project e.g. the introduction of ‘scenarios’ to test the validity of the transferable skills tracker as part of an orchestrated employability workshop day (to be built in as a project ‘final scene’ before MED2 participants actually exit the course in Mid-June 2016) are something I had not originally considered or even thought about until I started action research cycles and talking to people.

Maybe the stars in the night sky are guiding me after all.

A good couple of days have passed where I have organised myself more and transcribed approx. 8,000 words. Although tedious, I understand the value of transcribing manually and not using digital software. It sort of makes my research feel more real and it is good to think back with a little distance. That said, however, the amount of times I say, ‘great,’ ‘that’s fine,’ ‘erm’ and ‘okay’ is quite frankly hideous!  I really will try to minimise my usage of such words for the next couple of interviews. Every aspect of the self is deconstructed as part of this doctoral journey – all part of it. You need to be prepared for that if you intend to embark on one.

Anyway, time to wrap for the day, sip a glass of red and await the arrival of Annie-Blue and Violet.

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