Let’s get the basics right! Project Title…

Project Title: Co-Writing ‘Subject Media’ Whilst Framing Employability.

Researcher Question: Are Non-Subject Specific Transferable Skills As Important as the Subject Itself? (Dated 09.10.15)

The project signals an attempt to unearth the (Wolf, 2011, p.22) ‘labour market value’ of the BTEC Media Production qualification. Metaphor of a tent at a festival is apt! Pragmatic responsive foundations/ rationale with a post structural covering to provide shelter (albeit temporary and likely to shift).

MED2 participant data represents a projection, a degree of change (Ball, 2011) ‘radical incrementalism.’ A shift in understanding is evident in data findings (audio/ post event feedback).

EXMED participant data could be argued has greater foundations-as-data because the narratives inform the listener of their career pathway (‘actuality’ over and above projected reality) and they are reflecting on the value (albeit retrospective and perceived) of the course in direct relation to their roles in employment.

EXMED serves to inform MED2 and vice versa (conversations between past and present – dialogic basis, Sartre ‘progressive-regressive’) particularly in the form of scenarios = ‘Guess Who? Talking Skills game.

MED2 participants had a chance to listen back to the voices from the past, as they had time to reflect post event on EXMED data (as a form of debrief) and prior to writing their post event feedback.

Both are rich in a sense of a biography of now – regarding analysis, my role involves (Law) ‘praxiography’ – necessary to identify points of conflict, alignment, splintered and fused narratives in audio data obtained and communicate my findings.

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