June 2016 Residential (The Final)

The focus/ theme for our Cohort (Cohort 1) was on ‘data collection’ for our final BU residential, although I am too aware that we still have a long way to go and nothing can be taken for granted at any stage until we survive the final viva!

Also for me specifically, deciding on whether to use NVIVO to assist my analysis or not became a key issue to resolve – which I have decided to do during my tutorial with Isa and Julian.

Here is a brief mapped outline of data I have collected on this project:

Data map

The residential also contained an element of nostalgia and memory recall, as we, as a cohort were so pleased we have reached Year 4.

The time has flown by, whilst the fundamental changes and meaning of the journey for each of us (personally) runs deep and will last a lifetime thanks to the support of all those wonderful and diverse characters who work at CEMP, BU.

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