4.7.16 Progress (Planning for Newman)

Today I have been trying to plan the ‘order of events’ for the ‘Troubling Research…’ Conference in Birmingham on Thursday. I say trying because I managed to squeeze in school run (x 2), cleaning the bathroom, putting a wash on, making tea, a walk to the shops to buy some stationary and even managed to write my first response on the ‘disruptedjournal’ Hypothes.is site. Exciting to part of such an innovative and global conversation (still not sure how it all happened but happy I threw my name in the hat many months ago) and looking forward to seeing how it all manifests throughout the summer months.

I have complied an order of events  (of a sort) but this is my first ‘workshop’so I will need to see how things flow regarding timings and whether I have judged the criterion task right or not.

On reflection my abstract pointed to question overload so at present I am thinking keep it simple:

  1. We need to talk about the C word…
  2. How my blog and data have lived together so far.
  3. Ascertain attendee thoughts on where I should position my blog and discuss any counter-arguments against my proposition of blog-as-method.



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