Some quotes/ definitions to help contextualise my problematic…


Tami Spry (2001) ‘… a self-narrative that critiques the situatedness of self with others in social contexts.’


Action Research?

Carr & Kemmis (1989) ‘… a form of self-reflective enquiry’ by participants, which is undertaken in order to improve their understanding of their practices in context with a view to maximising social justice.’


Other issues:

self-investigation OR rather (Gornick 2001) ‘self-implication’ in context of the research?

navel gazing Vs democratising access

triangulation (3 sided view of the world) Vs crystallisation (unfixed-infinite number of multi voiced intersections, oppositions)

triple crisis: representation, legitimation and praxis (applies to both)


Conference Referendum Question: Can the two approaches (PAR + Autoethnography) be sandwiched together?

Final defence:

Denzin (2005) ‘… the criteria for evaluating research are now relative.’

C. Wright Mills (1959) ‘No social study that does not come back to the problems of biography, of history and of their intersections within society has completed its intellectual journey.’

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